Teacher Training

Online Reading Comprehension Training Course for Teachers

Coming Soon!

How can we, as teachers, transform those new standards from the paper they are written on to active learning in our students?

Without explicitly teaching reading comprehension strategies and techniques, standards are just words on paper. I have developed a researched based reading comprehension program to work with your curriculum and standards from years of successfully teaching students to read and comprehend that will save you time and change the way you deliver reading instruction.

After gaining over 10 years of experience teaching students how to read and comprehend, I have created an online training  program containing all of the tips, tricks, insights and practical applications needed to get students reading, comprehending and LOVING it!

This program will help you turn your classroom or school into an inviting, exciting, motivating reading environment.

The course includes:

  • 6 videos
  • Over 30 tips, activities and strategies to use in the classroom or the homeschool environment
  • Unlimited access to me at any time as a mentor and colleague

You will learn how to:

  • ¬†Model all of the strategies
  • Create the learning environment
  • Assess comprehension
  • ¬†Incorporate this into your daily teaching
  • Create reading choice
  • Model the strategies with different genres
  • Present successful book talks
  • Provide in-class reading opportunities
  • Create meaningful lessons/activities/projects
  • Journal about reading with students
  • Engage in authentic conversations