ClickN READ Phonics Program

Product Overview

ClickN READ Phonics is an online program that uses original Looney Tunes episodes and walks your child through the learning to read process from letter sounds through sentence reading. The same hilarious Looney Tunes characters and story lines are brought back to life. The colors have been enhanced and look crisp and vibrant. This program does an excellent job showing the child exactly how to use a mouse and click on correct answers.Learn To SPELL & READ Online. Your Child Will Be Reading & Spelling In Minutes. ClickN SPELL & ClickN READ Try a Free Lesson Now!

Who is this for?

Kids who enjoy cartoons and silly story lines will find this an amusing, entertaining way to learn. It is completely online and is a great introduction to the computer. Kids just starting out or those already struggling will find this fun and engaging. It's a great program to use to help kids catch the learning bug and either get ahead or catch up! Try Looney Tunes Phonics 100% RISK FREE Click HERE

Here are a few of the episodes your child will get to watch while learning to read


How to Use This Product

This program sequentially takes your child from learning how to use the mouse to learning letter sounds seamlessly. Therefore, your role is one of observer and supporter.

When first getting started, be sure your child is well rested and eager to try the program. Introduce it as a fun new way of learning. Allow them to try to follow the prompts from the beginning. The program will give plenty of feedback and explicit directions during the beginning phase.

Remember to always emphasize the accomplishments as your child progresses, offer help when your child appears to get frustrated and suggest frequent breaks.

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