Hooked on Phonics

Product Overview

Hooked on Phonics is an award-winning program that uses proven learning methods to provide 3- to 8-year-olds with a strong foundation in phonics and reading. Using a step-by-step approach, kids learn about letters and sounds, how to put them together to form words, and soon can read great stories and books. Because kids learn in different ways, the program includes a variety of multisensory tools that appeal to visual, auditory, and experience-based learners. The program includes a variety of original books with colorful illustrations and friendly characters that engage readers, and teach kids the basic skills needed to quickly become confident readers.  It is a great home reading program that can be used anywhere. Although it has a DVD component, it takes a more traditional hands on approach to reading. New Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read - Normally $239.95, only $159.95 Click here.


Who is this for?

This program is designed for the tactile learner that enjoys physically holding books and reading in a leisurely environment. The program is created with lots of reinforcements and physical reminders of success. It can be used to help children with no prior reading exposure, children who need to catch up, and those that want to get ahead.Click here for Hooked on Phonics

The program is leveled from Pre-K through Second Grade. Try 30 Day Risk-Free Trial Only $14.95

How to Use This Product

Hooked on Phonics was created as a teaching tool that parents and teachers can use to guide children through the reading process. This program comes with a great user-friendly manual and walks you through the process of introducing the lessons and facilitating learning.

As your child progresses remember to always avoid putting labels or judgments on their successes or struggles. If they do something well, tell them. If something is a challenge. Call it that and say, "Wow. That's challenging. That will be fun to practice and get better and better at. Challenges are fun."
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