What is the Lexile Framework and how is it helpful?

The Lexile Framework is used throughout the country as a way to accurately measure the difficulty of a piece of text. It takes into account sentence length and word frequency to create a numerical value. This numerical value can then be used to track a student's reading progress and help them find appropriate reading materials. Go to Lexile.com to learn more.

How can I ensure this website is helpful for the student or students I am helping?

1. Make sure the student begins by Finding their Level. After reading and answering questions for the first passage, they should have an idea if the passage was too hard, too easy, or just right. They should make no less than an 80.

2. When a student answers a question incorrectly, they need to carefully read the explanation for that answer. That is where the real learning takes place.

3. Have the student summarize each paragraph as they go. Have them also find each answer or clue in the passage and write it down. This can be turned in as an assessment.

What is the main skill this website reinforces?

Always go back into the passage to find the "evidence" for a given answer. Even if the answer is not there, the passage provides "clues". These clues support your "case". Good readers are good detectives.

Why is every explanation proceeded with the type of question?

Questions are approached differently based on what is being asked. Once a student learns to identify the question type, they have a better understanding for how to find the answer.